Road transport

Transporting by complete truck loads, less-than-truck loads or collection services
always respecting financial efficiency, requested delivery dates and the actual nature of consignments.

We always try to find an ideal solution to shipping according to predefined criteria and needs of our customers.

Based on these priorities, we can provide the following guarantees:

– Delivery date

– Quotation submission within 1 hour from inquiry acceptance

– Price

– The shortest possible goods delivery date

Within the framework of road transport, we provide:

– Truck transport of complete truck loads

– Less-than-truck loads both inland and abroad

– Transporting over-sized loads

– Transporting “ADR” hazardous consignments

– Insurance within the framework of CMR convention + insurance above the framework of CMR convention

– Custom clearance

– Tracking of consignments

– We can ship your consignments around the whole Europe – including countries out of EU.